Do you feel a sense of satisfaction?

It was December 19, and Fayteen and I had made a goal to finish another draft of our book The Resolute Woman by the end of the year.

We did it. We finished another draft. But, we both realized that it wasn’t the FINAL draft. Plus, we were right in the middle of a happy, but hectic, holiday season. And, I had acquired a horrible cold, undoubtedly the worst cold ever.

I was tired, but I checked my e-mail messages before I went to bed, and I found this hopeful and positive message from Fayteen. I kept a copy of it because it’s positive, but very realistic. It’s not positive in what some might call a Pollyannaish way. (We’ll tell you more about her later.)

“I will not be able to meet with you tomorrow,” Fayteen wrote. “Just too much going on. I haven’t finished reading the latest draft of our book, but I like what I have read.

“I want to be sure that we have integrated into our book the importance of feeling a sense of joy and happiness about what we are doing.

“Today, for example, was a drag for me. Yesterday was a high day, but today nothing seemed to work. Then, tonight I have felt a sense of satisfaction that I am doing what I do well. I think this feeling of satisfaction has to be a common theme for the Resolute Woman.

“ If you feel that what you are doing is important, you can move to the next day with a feeling of satisfaction. You know that you are making progress toward your goals.”

If you feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day, it’s probably because:

  • You’ve made progress toward a goal. Don’t wait until you’ve accomplished your goal before you feel satisfied. Pat yourself on the back frequently when you’re headed in the right direction. Most worthwhile goals require a lot of hard work and commitment.
  • You know what you’re doing is important. Okay, we all know that many of us work at jobs that aren’t always the most challenging. However, if you paycheck is buying groceries, your job is important.
  • You can see how what you’re doing today fits into your long-term goals. If you think you’re going to scream the next time your teenager sits down to play a computer game when you know she still has homework to do, vent your frustration in your journal or with a walk around the block. Of course, you need to set limits with your teenager. Just remember that teenagers have a lot of maturing to do.
  • You give yourself credit for what you have accomplished. It’s always easy to focus on what you haven’t accomplished. Switch gears, and feel satisfied about what you have done.
  • You don’t try to be perfect. Specifically, you avoid comparing yourself to a friend or a colleague at work. There is always someone who seems to have her act together better than you do. There is always someone who seems to be accomplishing more than you do. Do your best. Relax. You don’t have to compete with your friend or colleague, and you don’t have to be superwoman. The Resolute Woman is NOT superwoman.

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One Response to “Do you feel a sense of satisfaction?”

  1. Lisa Zidell November 18, 2011 at 11:47 pm #

    I Love what Your saying here, and people need to be reminded.. I will pass this info. on. You’ve always been a beautifully positive soul….

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