Our Book: The Resolute Woman

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Why did we write this book?

We wrote The Resolute Woman because we were frustrated. We bet you are sometimes, too. We were fed up with experts who think they can tell us how to lose weight, raise our children and be a success in 10 easy steps. In three weeks. In one book.

We’ve learned that there are no easy answers and that no one has the exact instructions for our specific issues. Each of us has to figure out her own answers to her own life.

The Resolute Woman will help you find your own answers. It will help you think carefully about your goals, understand better what you want to achieve and make a plan for achieving it.

What’s the book about?

The Table of Contents gives you a glimpse of what the book’s about.

Chapter 1…The Resolute Woman has a plan.

Chapter 2…The Resolute Woman is unique.

Chapter 3…The Resolute Woman is not superwoman.

Chapter 4…The Resolute Woman isn’t looking for easy answers.

Chapter 5…The Resolute Woman is strong.

Chapter 6…The Resolute Woman takes risks.

Chapter 7…The Resolute Woman is independent.

Chapter 8…The Resolute Woman takes time to build relationships.

Chapter 9…The Resolute Woman is confident of her success.