res·o·lute: adj. admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering

Do you want to make a big change?

Or, a little one?

Do you want to figure out what you really want to do for the rest of your life—or the next year—or the next week?

Do you want to be a better parent or spouse? To be more successful in your career? Would you just like to lose 10 pounds?

What’s the solution?

We can help you find some answers. Your own answers. We are not going to tell you what to do. We know there are no easy answers to life’s complex problems. We know that finding answers requires hard work. But we know you can find your own answers—answers that work for you—if you’re resolute.

We created this blog to help you discover your own lessons and live with them as your guide. You can also find more information about being resolute in our book, The Resolute Woman.

Click here for more about the book and how to order a copy.   

~ Joy and Fayteen

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