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Be silly

I found this wonderful quote in the gift shop at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth. It was printed on a tote bag! “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind,” Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. –Joy

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Do something

“If you’re just talking, you’re whining,” Teddy Roosevelt once said. A great quote. I read it somewhere and wrote it down. But, according to Google, Teddy Roosevelt didn’t say it. Also, according to Google, Teddy Roosevelt did not say: “Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining.” –Joy

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Welcome autumn

In his book Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury writes, “And, then, quite suddenly, summer was over.” Douglas, one of the boys in the book, remembers: “June dawns, July noons, August evenings over, finished, done and gone forever with only the sense of it all left here in his head.” I remember moments of summer, but I […]

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Good-bye summer

It’s almost autumn. I hope you have had a summer like the one Ray Bradbury describes in his book Dandelion Wine. A summer “where flowers were suns and fiery spots of sky strewn through the woodland. Birds flickered like skipping stones across the vast inverted pond of heaven.” I hope you’ve had a summer with […]

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“The highest result of education is tolerance,” Helen Keller once said.

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What we do today

One in three women across the country cannot get abortion care in their state, according to Planned Parenthood. “The rights we have over the next 20 years will be determined by what we do today,” says Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood. “This is the fight we must have.”

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Do good

Abraham Lincoln tried to do good. It’s a good idea! “When I do good, I feel good,” Lincoln once said. “When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” I wish everyone would follow Lincoln’s example. I wish everyone felt bad when he/she did bad?! –Joy

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Banning books

Why are books banned? “To foment anxiety and anger with the goal of suppressing free expression in public education,” concludes PEN America, a nonprofit that works to defend and celebrate free expression. “The freedom to read, learn and think continues to be undermined for students.” I read about “restricted reading” in the fall 2023 issue […]

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No sightseeing for women

Women can no longer visit one of Afghanistan’s most popular national parks. The Vice and Virtue Ministry alleges that women have not been wearing their hijabs the proper way when they are in the park. “Going sightseeing is not a must for women,” explained Mohammad Khalid Hanafi, the minister of Vice and Virtue, in an […]

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A true friend

Who is a true friend? A very good friend—a true friend—sent me a card with this wonderful quote. “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though she/he knows that you are slightly cracked,” Bernard Meltzer once said. –Joy

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