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What’s your procrastination drama?

He’s talking about us! When we read Daniel Akst’s description of procrastination in his book We Have Met the Enemy—Self-Control in an Age of Excess, we were momentarily taken aback. This author had figured out exactly what’s happening when we procrastinate. First, we know we’re procrastinating. “Procrastination is a ruse,” Akst says. “We know what’s […]

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Procrastinating as self-medication?

I had told Joy that I would write a blog post about procrastination, but I hadn’t done it. The first point I want to make about procrastination is very important. Sometimes it is okay to procrastinate. For at least a week, I wasn’t writing because I was busy taking care of my daughter Ranna, who […]

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What’s keeping us from de-cluttering?

Most of us would like for our homes to be a little neater—or a lot neater. What’s keeping us from getting organized? “Dawdling, prolonging, postponing, slacking and dilly-dallying,” says Laura Leist in her book Eliminate Chaos—The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life.  Most likely, we’re procrastinating. Laura Liest suggests eight excuses for putting […]

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