Christmas is over

The Christmas tree is still decorated—although our live Christmas tree is getting a bit dry and droopy. Our nutcracker still stands proudly on the table in the entry hall, and our collection of snow globes—some musical and some not—still adorn the coffee table in the living room.

However, Christmas is over, and it’s time to start thinking about the new year—2023.

I am making New Year’s resolutions—in my head. I’ll write them down on New Year’s Day, and I’ll share some of my resolutions with you during the next couple of weeks.

Resolution #1. This, of course, is the resolution that I make every year. I am going to continue my ongoing battle to eat healthier.

I reminded a friend recently of this truth: It’s not what you eat during the holidays that makes you overweight. It’s what you eat during the rest of the year!