Adventures at the laundromat

The repairman predicted that my washing machine would get louder and louder and would start leaking. He assured me that it wasn’t worth repairing.

He was wrong. The machine worked okay for months longer than the repairman predicted and then it just died peacefully one morning when I had lots of dirty clothes to wash.

We immediately purchased a fancy new washer and dryer, but they both are on back-order. That’s why I went to the laundromat for the first time in decades.

The experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. A friendly attendant changed my five-dollar bills for quarters. Lots of quarters. I was pleased to find out that laundromat machines have improved considerably since I was in college, and I could pick cool, warm or hot water. The machines even counted down and told me how many minutes until my clothes were clean.

We will be overjoyed when my new washer and dryer arrive—even though Jerry, my husband, is threatening to count them as my birthday presents. (He is joking, I’m sure.) Until the new machines are sitting in my laundry room, I am counting my blessings for all of the things that I usually take for granted—like microwaves and dishwashers and washing machines—and even updated laundromats.