A holiday reminder from Joy

I had just enough time to stop at the post office to mail a birthday package.

After I finished dropping the box in the chute at the self-serve counter, I looked at my watch and then turned around quickly to head for my car. Yikes! I almost knocked over a woman walking with a cane.

I stopped to apologize, and she accepted my apology and returned my smile.

“Do you know how to work this?” she asked, putting her package on the self-serve scale.

I paused and considered that I really did not have enough time for an interruption. Then, I reconsidered. Of course, I had a few minutes to help someone.

It was my reminder to slow down during this holiday season. It would be okay if I arrived at my meeting a few minutes late. I don’t want to spend my holiday rushing from one task to another.



2 responses to “A holiday reminder from Joy”

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