A hermit in a cave

The last time I was in Tulsa, I went with my son Jay to his church—St. Antony Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church.

That Sunday, Father George told the story of St. Antony, who was born in Egypt in 251 A.D. and who became a hermit. He lived by himself in a cave for more than a decade, praying and worshiping God.

The lesson we need to learn from St. Antony is not that we should go to a cave and live as hermits, Father George stressed. However, we need to remember that sometimes we need to find a quiet spot and pray and listen to God.

I was relieved!

If I had to spend years in a cave by myself, I would not become a saint. I would go mad. But, I accept the story of St. Antony as a reminder that sometimes quiet time alone is necessary and refreshing and healing.

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