Bad things happen

If you wondered why I didn’t post anything new on my blog for weeks at the of March and the beginning of April, it’s because sometimes bad things happen to all of us.

One sunny morning at the end of March, my dog, Ginger and I were taking our daily walk.

All of a sudden, I tripped and fell hard. The next thing I knew, I was curled up on the ground with a shattered femur bone trying to protrude through my skin.

I rode to the emergency room in an ambulance, had surgery and spent a week in a rehabilitation hospital.

I’m home now, healing slowly. I move around with a walker and wheelchair. I do exercises four times a day, put ice on my leg three times a day and use a machine called a bone stimulator two times a day.

I have a big brace on my leg, and I can’t put any weight on my leg. I am practicing patience.

Patience is an important lesson—but I also am re-learning some other important lessons during my recuperation.

I’ll share some of these lessons in future blog posts.

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