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Fayteen came racing into my office and demanded: “Read this.”

As I read the e-mail message about a book that offers “secrets” for success, Fayteen kept talking. “Is this the same thing that we’re saying in our book? What are we saying that’s different?”

The book discusses some important topics—how you can change by establishing goals and making choices, for example. We talk about some of the same topics in our book.

What’s different about The Resolute Woman?

There are a lot of differences, Fayteen and I concluded.

  • The Resolute Woman doesn’t offer any secrets to success. We wish there were some new secret to success. There isn’t. There are a lot of books that offer advice. Some of it is helpful, and some of it is trite.
  • The Resolute Woman doesn’t offer advice. We can’t tell you what to do. All we can do is offer some suggestions and reminders. You have to figure out your own advice. You have to do that by getting to know yourself and finding out what answers are best for you.
  • The Resolute Woman doesn’t promise easy answers. There are no easy answers. Life is difficult and complicated.
  • The Resolute Woman offers hope. Of course, we all know that life is difficult and complicated. What’s new? Not much. Life is also interesting and amazing. And we can change, but we have to be resolute.

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