Don’t mess with Texas women

I am the proud owner of a poster from the Women’s March in Austin in January 2017. It features a woman’s leg with a red cowgirl boot squashing an elephant and proclaims: “Don’t Mess with Texas Women.”

Fortunately, I was able to get two posters at the march—one for me and one for my daughter Mary Elizabeth.

Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten the message, and some are still trying to mess around with women and their rights.

They’re not messing with Mary Elizabeth and me.

We finally decided to get our posters framed. Mary Elizabeth picked a black frame decorated with gold, Texas stars, and she and Jesús plan to hang the poster in Jesús’ office in their new house. I am framing my poster in a simple, silver frame that speaks to the seriousness of the message, and I am hanging it in my office.