A sense of accomplishment

For months, I’ve felt a little depressed every time I’ve looked at all of the boxes that we crammed into the garage when my husband and I moved into my mother’s house.

Not anymore.  We finally took the time to sort through the boxes, sending piles of clothes and miscellaneous items to a charity. I even found some clothes and shoes that I really like and am enjoying wearing again.

Why did I put off going through those boxes for so long? Partially because I have been busy with work and with taking care of my daughter, who was ill with breast cancer. Partially because the task brought up so many emotions. Also because I just procrastinated doing a task that wasn’t all that pleasant.

After I finished, though, I felt so good! Next time I’m faced with a similar project, I’m just going to get it done, and I’m going to get it done as soon as possible.


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