You can take it off

I’ve been reading a book called The New Way to Eat and Get Slim by Donald G. Cooley. Some of the advice sounds a little dated, and it is. The book was first printed in 1941.

In the first chapter, Cooley is encouraging.

“You have thought about reducing for a long time. You have watched the glamour girls cast their slinky shadows on the screen and have perhaps confided to a friend, ‘I must go on a diet!’

“But what have you done about it?”

“Maybe a little pep talk is all you need to get you started. That is the most important of all steps in reducing: the first one….

“Imagine yourself posing for an ‘after taking’ testimonial photograph. There you are in a slink form-fitting gown, bubbling over with almost offensive vitality, spreading glamour in the corner where you are.”

I have been trying to imagine myself in a slink form-fitting gown. Bubbling over with almost offensive vitality. Spreading glamour in the corner where I am.

Yikes! I agree with Mr. Cooley. It’s time to shed a few pounds. I’m giving myself a little pep talk.