Neurotic about food

If you’ve ever been on a diet, ever berated yourself for gaining a few pounds, ever judged someone who is overweight as unhealthy or undisciplined, I recommend that you read Lionel Shriver’s new book Big Brother.

I heard Shriver discuss her book on June 12, 2013, on the Diane Rehm Show on National Public Radio, and I’m now reading it. Big Brother is a fictional story about a woman who helps her almost-400-pound brother lose weight, but Shriver’s own older brother died from complications of obesity in 2009.

On NPR, Shriver said that her book is about:
* How neurotic all of us have become about food. “I am dismayed about how we have become so neurotic about the whole issue,” she stressed.
* How people say they’re worried about an overweight person’s health when they’re just using the health issue to judge the person. “We don’t honestly talk about how we judge people based on how much they weight,” Shriver said.
* How your appearance is not yourself.

I’ll write more later about this interesting book.

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