Are you hungry?

I just had a wonderful visit with my son, Jay, and my brother, James, and his two adult children, Willie and Emma.

It was a wonderful visit, but, after they left, I realized that I had spent four days overeating.

I ate a couple of big pieces of Jay’s birthday cake with ice cream. I ate too much Mexican food. And, I ate too much popcorn at a Maverick’s game.

Why did I eat too much? Because it was a special occasion. Because I was happy. Because all of us were eating a meal together.

The March 1-7 issue of Weight Watchers Weekly reminded me to ask myself why I am eating.
* Am I hungry?
* Is the food free or cheap?
* Is it a special occasion?
* Am I bored, tired, sad, worried or happy?
* Is someone offering me food and encouraging me to eat it?
* Is it mealtime?


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