Relief and hope

Since January, my daughter Ranna has battled breast cancer.

It has been a tough battle. She had an aggressive cancer and has seen many doctors for countless appointments. She has had seven surgeries.

During 35 years of counseling, I have worked with a number of people with cancer. I thought I understood what they had to face. Now I know that I didn’t understand their pain and suffering. I can’t really imagine all the mental and physical anguish that Ranna has experienced. I know only the anguish I have felt as I have tried to support her.

There have been days when I feared for Ranna’s life. Days when we lost hope. One day last week I was so scared that my hand was shaking and I couldn’t dial a number on my phone.

But the doctors performed Ranna’s last surgery quickly, removing the port they had used for chemotherapy.  The best news, though, is that the cancer is gone.

We are relieved. Thankful. Ranna can start living her life again. With hope. There will be many happy days ahead.