Merry Christmas, Scrooge!

My family has gone every year—or almost every year—to see the Dallas Theater Center’s performance of “A Christmas Carol.” I remember fondly performances when my children, now adults, couldn’t sit still and were frightened by Charles Dickens’ ghosts.

This year, however, I bought tickets for my husband, Jerry, and my daughter, Mary Elizabeth, but not for my son, Jay. He now lives in Tulsa, and he planned to take off only a few days from work for the holiday.

I had accepted the idea that we would go this year without Jay, and, then, Jay got a new job and he won’t start his new job until January 5. When he called to tell me that he would be home longer—long enough to go with us to see “A Christmas Carol,” I was delighted.

Nothing is better than spending Christmas with your family.

Fayteen and I wish you a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends.


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