Is there a conspiracy against clutter?

Yes, we think that there may be a conspiracy to force us to get rid of the clutter in our closets and garages.

The evidence? First, I found another magazine with articles about clutter. The April issue of Ladies Home Journal features two articles designed specifically to help us come clean. They are “36 Fresh Ways to Organize Your Closets, Photos, Bills & More” and “Inside the Mind of a Hoarder.”

Then, in the same grocery store, I discovered a whole magazine devoted to “Secrets of Getting Organized.” It’s one of the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications, and it costs $6.99.

Is there a conspiracy? No, of course not.

Magazines publish articles and whole issues about clutter because we buy them and read them. We’re interested in the topic because lots of us have issues with clutter.

Are there any new and easy solutions to getting rid of the clutter in our lives? No, of course not. The world is filled with too much stuff, and we buy it and keep it for too many complicated reasons.

Each of us will find a solution when we take the time to figure out why we hang on to our clutter and then take a little—or a lot—of time to get rid of some of it.