The clutter cure?

If you’re not living up to your potential, “clutter is probably the culprit,” writess Pamela Druckerman, in the February 15, 2015, issue of The New York Times.

Druckerman reports that the top-ranked book on The New York Times list of self-help books promises that, with an orderly house, you can “pour your time and passion into what brings you the most joy, your mission in life.”

But Druckerman is skeptical that de-cluttering is the solution to all that plagues us. We are “besieged by more than just our possessions,” she argues. “We’re also overwhelmed by the intangible detritus of 21st life: unreturned emails; unprinted family photos; the ceaseless ticker of other people’s lives on Facebook; the heightened demands of parenting; and the suspicion that we’ll be checking our phones every 15 minutes, forever.”

Alas, Fayteen and I agree. De-cluttering could make our homes more pleasant, and we’re both planning to get an early start on our spring cleaning. But, we both know that having an uncluttered house wouldn’t solve all of our problems. There are no simple solutions to complex problems.

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