Trust in the light

My confession. I wrote earlier this month about my resolutions for 2023 in general terms—such as get organized, speak up, eat healthier.

Of course, I am violating the first rule of writing resolutions. These resolutions are too general. Not specific enough.

However, I have been in a COVID fog since December 28. Now that I am much better, I am going to make a resolution to make more specific resolutions next week.

But, first, another general resolution. This is something that I have been thinking about ever since I read a column by Betsy Swetenburg in the January issue of the Lake Highlands Advocate Magazine.

Swetenburg, a Presbyterian pastor, advises us to trust in the light.

“If we begin this year trusting that light will arrive to even the darkest places of our lives, then I imagine we’ll find newness that can’t be bought with a gym membership, a beauty regimen, a technological gadget or a meal plan.

“New year. New light. The light shines in the darkness if only we can have eyes to behold it.”

I am going to resolve to trust in the light!