Category: hope

  • Christmas is over

    I am almost through undecorating the Christmas tree. A fun trip and a nasty virus put me behind schedule. However, even after the all of the Christmas decorations are stored away, I promise to remember what Scrooge said: “I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year. I will…

  • Happy December!

    We are busy working on Christmas cards—but I am going to remember to take time to think about  peace and hope and love during the holiday season. –Joy

  • Goodness is possible

    Americans sometimes fall short of their ideals, concludes John Meacham in this book Abraham Lincoln–And There Was Light. “It is a fact of American history that we are not always good, but that goodness is possible. Not universal, not ubiquitous, not inevitable—but possible.”

  • Hope for Texas?

    Yikes! Sometimes when we read about what the Texas legislature is doing, we wonder if we should move to another state. However, the bluebonnets are blooming. Maybe there’s some hope for Texas!? It was Lady Bird Johnson who once said, “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” –Joy

  • Happy Easter! Happy spring!

    Not everyone celebrates Easter, of course. But, we all should celebrate spring. “Let there be hope and blessings like blossoms in springtime!” I am not sure where I found that quote, but I like it—a lot. –Joy

  • Love is all around

    I helped with a Girl Scout day-of-service on March 4, 2023. Before the Girl Scouts left to help senior citizens, pick up trash in a park and help people in a number of other ways, I listened as almost 70 girls repeated this litany. Love is all around us. Good is all around us. We…

  • Leftover peace, love and hope

    We went to church, unwrapped the presents and ate too much. Now we have a few leftovers in the kitchen—some pecan pie, cranberry dressing and fudge. And, we still have lots of Christmas cheer. We hope our Christmas peace, love and hope lingers throughout the new year. We wish you, too, a new year filled…

  • Vote for hope

    I saw a sign at a church in Tulsa. It said something like this—although my version has more words, I think. “Your vote is a sign you still have hope.” –Joy

  • The tree of hope

    Whenever you do something positive for the world, “you add a leaf to the tree of hope.” What a wonderful quote! It’s from Jane Goodall. I recently saw an exhibit about Goodall at the Perot Science Museum. –Joy

  • We all must have justice

    “Equal rights, fair play, justice—are all like air,” Maya Angelou once said. “We all have it, or none of us has it.”