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Three arguments for women

I write in memory of my friend who went to a cheap motel to get an illegal abortion back in the 1970s when abortions were illegal in Florida. I quote from Katha Pollitt’s book Pro—Reclaiming Abortion Rights. Pollitt begins: “In this book, I make many arguments, but let me mention three. First, the concept of […]

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Where a virus has reproductive rights, but a woman doesn’t

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We can do hard things

When confronted with health issues this summer, I told my husband Jerry: “We can do hard things.” And, we can. And, we have. And, we will. As the writer John Updike once said, “We do survive every moment, after all, except the last one.” –Joy

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Are you grateful?

This is a trick question. Somehow, everywhere, we get the message that we’re supposed to be grateful—all the time. The writer Kate Bowler says, “I am here to give you permission. You don’t have to be a permanently grateful person. You can just be you. And sometimes you’ll have good days and sometimes you’ll have […]

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“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience,” Emerson once said. This is one of my favorite quotes. Why am I still in a hurry when I am a person who should have learned that there is no reason to hurry, a person who no longer has children to care for, a person who […]

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Fire for the mind

I miss Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but her wisdom continues to inspire me. (And, my friend Susie recently gave me an RBG mask. It has a lace “collar” across the top!) Here’s another RBG quote I found recently. “A house is no home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as for […]

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Perfect and neurotic

After reading an interview with Anne Lamott in the March 7, 2021, issue of The Dallas Morning News, I suddenly realized that I have spent a great deal of time being either perfect or neurotic—or, probably, more accurately, being neurotic while trying to be perfect. “At some point, you realize that we all have dual […]

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A pandemic diet

Lose weight fast! It’s easy. Results guaranteed! When we took our canine companion Jack to the veterinarian last September, we got bad news. Jack, our Brittany, weighed 55.1 pounds. That was too much Dr. Merrill announced. She told us exactly how many calories Jack should eat every day. We checked the nutrient information on Jack’s […]

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It’s a long story. First, I had three phone numbers that were supposed  to help us get appointments for COVID vaccinations. I spent more than an hour holding on the phone. No appointments. A friend called with a link to a new vaccination site in Plano. I gave her our information, and she made our […]

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Read a poem

“To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June,” Sartre once said. And, it’s is lovely, too, to go for a walk in January. And, it is lovely, too, to read a poem in June.

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