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It’s autumn!

I am ready. I have been waiting for cooler days and colorful trees, but I am not ready for Christmas decorations—not yet! However, they are appearing—already—in my neighborhood. Let’s pause for a week or so and enjoy autumn and Thanksgiving before we jump into the Christmas season. –Joy

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Halloween, then Christmas?!

A friend sent out a cartoon showing Cinderella and her fairy godmother. The fairly godmother announces: “And when the clock strikes midnight, Halloween will turn into Christmas.” Let’s celebrate autumn and Thanksgiving first! –Joy

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Age is relative

Because I have a birthday coming up, I chuckled when I read this line from Margareta Magnusson, a Swedish writer. “If you are over eighty, even a 76-year-old is young.” –Joy

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Throw all the paint

We just returned from Bellingham, and now we’re planning another trip. Why not? As Danny Kaye once said, “Life is a great big canvas. Throw all the paint on it you can.” –Joy

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Happy flowers

I didn’t inherit my father’s green thumb, and I don’t have a yard full of flowers. However, I did buy an Easter lily, and it has a new flower that just appeared—almost a week after Easter.  And, the yellow roses I bought before Easter are still pretty. Whenever I see my store-bought flowers, I smile. […]

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Happy Easter! Happy spring!

Not everyone celebrates Easter, of course. But, we all should celebrate spring. “Let there be hope and blessings like blossoms in springtime!” I am not sure where I found that quote, but I like it—a lot. –Joy

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Lunch with a friend

I had lunch with a friend—a friend I hadn’t had lunch with since before the pandemic. The lunch was a reminder that it’s wonderful to have friends—friends we see often and also friends we don’t see so often. It is special to have friends who are friends and remain friends even when we don’t see […]

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Trust in the light

My confession. I wrote earlier this month about my resolutions for 2023 in general terms—such as get organized, speak up, eat healthier. Of course, I am violating the first rule of writing resolutions. These resolutions are too general. Not specific enough. However, I have been in a COVID fog since December 28. Now that I […]

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Speak up–and do something

I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions is to speak up. The Rev. Bernice King, Martin Luther King’s youngest daughter, reminds me that speaking up isn’t enough. Quoting MLK isn’t enough. We need to change our ways. We need to act to make this country a better place. MLK challenged us “to change […]

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Speak up

Don’t be quiet. Speak up. I’m going to let people know what I think. That’s my resolution #6. Amanda Gorman says, “Girls have spent so much of their lives being told to be seen and not heard.” –Joy

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