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One good thing

The flowers are blooming at the Dallas Arboretum with one bed full of glorious yellow and purple. “That is one good thing about the world. There are always sure to be more springs,” Anne of Avonlea once said.

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Wonderful, not perfect

I went to the arboretum for lunch. The park was a bit crowded. We had to wait in line to order our food.  It took us a few minutes to find a quiet, isolated place to eat. However, the blooming flowers and cherry trees were beautiful. It was a sunny day. And, it was marvelous […]

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500,000 blooming blossoms

Jerry and I visited the Dallas Arboretum today for the first time since the pandemic began. And, spring has arrived at the arboretum—with 500,000 blooming blossoms. Yes, 500,000! It was glorious. I felt as if I had survived the pandemic—even though I wore my mask and was careful to stay at least six feet away […]

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Inspired by plants

Now, on my morning walks, I am beginning to see flowers in bloom. They are a most welcome sight after the brutal freezing weather that plagued us for a week last month. “I am always inspired by plants and their capacity to remind us that growth is possible,” says Raquel Willis, writer and activist, “to […]

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Merry and mellow

Sing apples and peaches and pears! Sing orange and scarlet and yellow! Sing green turned to glory To tell us the story That autumn is merry and mellow! –Alice Henderson We’re wishing you some mellow-ness this week!

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Look into nature

I am feeling anxious about the elections and the pandemic, but I always feel more peaceful after my morning walk—especially when the weather turns cooler and the leaves turn yellow and orange and red. As Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” –Joy

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Flowers in the morning

I still enjoy my early morning walks, and I am leaving my house even earlier now that it’s warmer in Dallas. It is good to be outside and see the flowers and the trees and the sky. As Van Gogh said, “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” –Joy ”

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Notice the beauty

Now is a good time to notice all of the beauty around you. The trees and flowers, the blue sky, the moon and stars at night. As the artist Nam June Paik once said, “Open your window and count the stars.”

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Be filled with light

My son Jay and his fiancée Rachel canceled their May wedding—and just got married on March 28. It seemed a wise decision then, and now we know it was a wise decision. We are happy for them, and we like Rachel, who sent me a poem by one of my favorite poets one day recently. […]

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“In cocoons, a hidden promise”

Now when I go for my early morning walk, I can wear my shorts and a light jacket. No coat or long pants! And, when I open my front door, I see green grass and green trees—and flowers. Sunny days bring hope, and I am reminded of a hymn—”The Hymn of Promise.” In the bulb […]

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