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Why has Eve taken all the blame for taking a bite out of that fruit in the Garden of Eden?

First, Bruce Feiler wants everyone to understand that the fruit was not an apple. Apples are not grown in the part of the world where the stories of the Bible took place. The fruit might have been a fig or a pomegranate.

And, the reason Eve is blamed is “because organized religion got ahold of the story—and, by organized religion, I mean men,” Feiler says.

That quote comes from the April 3, 2017, issue of Time magazine. However, I heard Feiler talk about his new book The First Love Story—Adam, Eve and Us recently in Dallas. In his talk, he added: “Eve is not the afterthought. She is the culmination. In the Bible, the last is often the most important.”

I’ll share some more of what I learned from Feiler in our next couple of blog posts.

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