Miss America without her swimsuit

The Miss America pageant is scrapping the swimsuit competition, according to an article in the June, 6, 2018, issue of The Dallas Morning News.

“We are not going to judge you on your outward appearance,” explained Gretchen Carson, chairwoman of the Miss America Organization. Instead, the organization will focus on women’s talents, intelligence and ideas.

Amazing! Think about this change. We now will be judged on our talents, intelligence and ideas.

Two of my friends think the change in the pageant is a sign of real progress for our sex, but another thinks that it’s a sign that the Miss American organization is trying to revive a dying pageant that is no longer as popular as it once was.

What do you think? I think that this shows progress—and it will be interesting to see what the next Miss America looks like.


One response to “Miss America without her swimsuit”

  1. Mary H. Avatar
    Mary H.

    Very interesting! I think this is an improvement.