Female-female alliances

When Ashley Judd studied at Harvard, her favorite course was Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice, taught by Diane Rosenfield. The class learned about bonobo apes, “who over the course of evolution have eliminated male sexual coercion in their communities. If a male does get aggressive toward a female bonobo, she lets out a special cry,” Rosenfield explained. “The other females come to her aid, descending from the trees to fend off the attacker.”

In her final paper for the class, Judd wrote, “I propose a model based on female-female alliances.” Judd wants women to follow the example of the bonobos, becoming less separate and secretive, joining together to chase away overly aggressive men.

We read about Judd in the book She Said about Harvey Weinstein by Jody Kantor and Megan Twohey.

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