Some exciting news

Lily’s eyes were bright when she announced that she had some exciting news.

With a round, angelic face and two pony tails on the top of her head, Lily is one of the children in the four-year-old Sunday School class I teach.

“What is your exciting news?” I asked.

“I went to the opera with my dad!” Lily explained. “Downtown!”

“You went to the opera,” I said. “That is exciting news.”

“With my dad!” Lily repeated. “Downtown!”

Then, all of the four-year-olds had exciting news to share. A birthday party! A visit to the zoo! A trip to the movie theater!

Their excitement was delightful. And, I am going to remember, as Gloria Steinem once said, that I, too, live in “the land of delight,” where many extraordinary and wonderful things happen every day.

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