What’s bothering you today?

We all have had some big problems, and some of us have had or have enormous difficulties.

However, it’s true, too, that all of us spend a lot of time getting upset about minor things.

In his book The Untethered Soul—The Journey Beyond Yourself, Michael Singer reminds us to have a some perspective.

Imagine that you’re walking down the street and you pass a good friend, but that friend doesn’t acknowledge you. What’s going on? Are you getting snubbed? Should you get upset?

“Good time for a reality check!” Singer says. “There are billions of people on this planet, and one of them didn’t say hello to you. Are you saying that you can’t handle that?….

“Remind yourself that you’re not going to get involved in your own melodrama.”

The next time we get upset about the lousy service at a restaurant—or, the terrible driver who is speeding and passing cars recklessly—or, the keys that we’ve misplaced and can’t find anywhere, we’re going to pause and remind ourselves that we’re not going to get involved in our own melodrama.

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