Is it possible to be superwoman?

In her article  in The Atlantic, Anne-Marie Slaughter writes about women struggling to “have it all” and suggests that our society needs to change social policies to help men and women balance families and careers. We agree. However, until those policies change, we keep asking ourselves  if we’re trying to be superwomen instead of Resolute Women.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Can you work long hours, be the perfect mom and the perfect wife, keep your home spotless and still find time for yourself? Can you be the perfect retired person who volunteers and volunteers and volunteers? Can you be the perfect housekeeper? Can you be the perfect caregiver—giving and giving so much of your time and energy and emotions to your parent or spouse and saving no time or energy or emotions for yourself?

No, of course, it is not possible to be superwoman. Some women maintain an incredible pace. But all of us can do only one thing at a time, only so many things in one day.

Many of us are tired of trying to be superwoman. Most of us are just plain tired.

Still, often, we feel as if we should be doing more. We think about all the things we need to do, the things that we haven’t done.

Now is the time to give yourself a break. Peel the big “S” for “superwoman” off your shirt. Replace it with an “R” for “Resolute Woman.” Be realistic. It’s okay if you’re not perfect. It’s okay if you can’t achieve the impossible.

We’ll write more about the difference between a superwoman and a Resolute Woman in our next blog post.

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