Resolute Women of the Year

We’re nominating Ranna, Fayteen’s daughter, for Resolute Woman of the Year.

Since the middle of January, she has battled breast cancer with seven surgeries and a number of complications. She has had bad days, of course, but she has continued to be a brave, optimistic fighter. Even more amazing, throughout her illness, Ranna has continued to be kind to three elderly neighbors, frequently taking them food and sending them cards.

We know other Resolute Women, too. Joy has a friend who took care of her mother before she died, and Fayteen has a friend who has taken care of a child with a serious illness.

Who would you nominate for Resolute Woman of the Year? Someone who has spent the year looking for a job? Someone who has worked hard to make changes in her life? Someone who has continued to do a good job at work or at home with little recognition?

Let us know about the women you would like to nominate. And, be sure to tell these women that you have noticed their accomplishments and that you are proud of them.

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