How do you become resolute?

A friend recently asked Fayteen: “How do you become a Resolute Woman?”

That’s an important question. We wish we had a short, simple answer. We don’t.

Remember that we believe that there are no simple answers. We’re frustrated with experts who think they can tell us how to lose weight, raise our children and be a success in 10 easy steps. In three weeks. In one book. We’ve learned that no one has exact instructions for our specific issues. Each of us has to figure out her own answers to her own life.

We can’t tell you how to become a Resolute Woman in one blog post. However, we believe that there are answers. And you can find them. There is hope. But there are no easy solutions to life’s complex problems. Finding your own solutions requires searching and hard work. You have to be resolute.

If you’re searching, keep looking. Read books. Talk to wise people. Find the truths that are your own truths.

We think you’re probably stronger than you think you are. While all of us can continue to make changes, we all need to appreciate the strengths we already possess. Give yourself credit for what you have accomplished and the person you are today.

If you want to grow stronger and more resolute, it might be helpful to begin by asking yourself some questions.

First, do I feel significant? Am I taking care of myself? Have I created a life that includes pleasant and peaceful moments?

Second, what’s important to me? What are my goals?

Third, have I achieved some balance in my life? What are my priorities?

Fourth, do I have healthy relationships with my family and friends?

Fifth, how do I define success? And failure?

And, finally, do need I need to talk to a friend who can help me come up with my own answers? Or, do I need to ask for help from a professional counselor?

Good luck with your journey. Happy searching!

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