Tired, but happy

I have a new, improved plan for Mother’s Day! We had planned to visit our son Jay in Tulsa during Memorial Day weekend, but he’s going to be busy that weekend. He has become a serious swing dancer, and he will be attending a special swing dancing event.

So, we’re going to Tulsa for Mother’s Day weekend. We’ll drive the four hours to Tulsa on Saturday and spend the afternoon with Jay. On Sunday morning, we’ll have breakfast, and I’ll go to church with him. As soon as church is over, we’ll head back to Dallas—and arrive in time for dinner with our daughter Mary Elizabeth.

I’ll get to spend the weekend with both of my children! I’ll be tired, but happy. (But, not as tired as I was when I had a full-time career and I was a full-time mother to two young children.)

As Tina Fey once said, “Being a mom has made me tired. And so happy.”