Happy Mother’s Day!

Elizabeth Warren, United States senator, remembers when she was a professor at the University of Houston and the mother of two young children.

“The new job was hard, and at home my world was stretched to the breaking point. I traded car-pool duties, took my turn as a Girl Scout leader, taught Sunday School for the fifth graders and made cookies for bakes sales, but I could never catch up. I kept a calendar in the kitchen, and I hated to look at it. I had this giant pile of duties balanced on my head as I rode a wobbly bicycle on a high wire stretched across a canyon,” Warren writes in her new book A Fighting Chance.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Resolute Women balancing careers and children! We hope you have a pleasant day with your children on Mother’s Day.

Warren found help when her Aunt Bee, one of her mother’s older sisters and a widow in her late 70s, called her, and Warren started crying.

“I can’t be there tomorrow, but I can come on Thursday,” Aunt Bee announced.

Aunt Bee arrived with seven suitcases and a Pekingese named Buddy. She moved from Oklahoma to Texas and was a big help until Warren’s two children left for college.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the nannies and childcare workers and family members who help take care of our children! Joy is especially grateful to Ranna, Liese, Amy and Martha, who gave her children lots of love and attention. And, Fayteen is grateful to Mrs. Hundley, who was loving and wise.

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