A nudge from a friend

I recently spent almost four hours at a restaurant  having dinner and a lively conversation with my friend Patti.

We didn’t solve all of the world’s problems, but I did get a nudge in the right direction from Patti on one of my own issues.

Patti has been successful in getting rid of clutter by using a methodical approach. She asks herself: “What’s my top priority?”

She divides a big job into small pieces and assigns herself a time to get the job done. Then, she gives herself credit for small successes.

It’s not a new approach, of course, but it’s a good one. For me, it was the nudge I needed to get back to working on my own clutter. It also was a reminder of the Resolute Woman approach:  We know that there are no easy answers, and each of us has to find her own answers. No one can tell us exactly what to do.

Sometimes we already know the answers. What we need is the nudge that will inspire us to act.


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One Response to “A nudge from a friend”

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