Be nice to your spouse

My husband Jerry came home recently with a question: “What’s the worst thing you can do to upset your plans for a financially secure retirement?”

I hesitated. I knew he had been reading about retirement planning, and I knew that I hadn’t been reading about retirement planning. How was I supposed to know the answer?

Jerry grinned. “The worst thing you can do to mess up your financial security for retirement is get a divorce because then you have to divide your retirement savings in two.”

It has become a big joke at our house. We take turns saying: “You better be nice to me, or I’ll mess up your retirement plans.”

But Fayteen and I agree that it’s no joke. Being “nice” to each other goes a long way to creating a happy marriage now and later in retirement, Fayteen stresses. She has counseled hundreds of unhappy couples. Being kind to each other might not have solved all their problems, but it would have helped.


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