May you grow in peace and wisdom

My two college students are getting ready to start classes at the end of August.

I was remembering recently how I used to wake them, feed them breakfast and then drive them to Moss Haven Elementary School. Even though we tried our best to round up all the library books and homework the night before and make the mornings as peaceful as possible, I must admit that some mornings were a bit hectic.

Somewhere, when their ages were still single digits, I read an article about ancient blessings. The author advised parents to drop off their children at school with a blessing, and one she suggested was: “May you grow in peace and wisdom.”

For years, as my two children hurried to gather up their backpacks and lunches and jump out of the car, I repeated those words: “May you grow in peace and wisdom.”

One of the reasons I kept repeating the same blessing was that I soon realized that I needed to grow in peace and wisdom as much, probably more, than my children.

As Mary Elizabeth and Jay leave for college this year, I’m going to repeat that same blessing, and I am going to resolve that I, too, will continue to grow in peace and wisdom.


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