An expert?

My sister-in-law Linda and I were patiently sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, wondering how my brother-in-law Bob was doing.

We had been waiting for hours to talk to the doctor who had inserted six stints in Bob’s heart when we met an expert on heart surgery.

He was a short man with cowboy boots and a friendly grin, and we liked him immediately. We admitted to him that we weren’t certain how Bob was doing immediately after his surgery.

“You’re not looking at the monitors to see what’s going on?” he asked.

“My wife had heart surgery, and now my mom just had surgery. I kind of figure I’ve been in the hospitals long enough that I know what the blood pressure is supposed to be and what it isn’t supposed to be. What the oxygen level is supposed to be and what it isn’t supposed to be….”

I smiled. I was reminded of how we all consider ourselves an expert on children after we’ve had a child—and an expert on medicine after we’ve spend days sitting at the hospital with someone who has just had heart surgery.

After spending 10 days sitting in the hospital and six days helping take care of Bob after he came home, I have gained enormous respect for Bob, Fayteen’s daughter, Ranna, and other people struggling with serious health issues and for Linda, Fayteen and anyone else who is taking care of a sick person.  I’ll share more about my hospital experiences in later blog posts.


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