The perfect holiday

We all know in our hearts that the holiday season is much more than stuffing ourselves with food and buying expensive presents.

Why then do we sometimes think we have to prepare and consume a feast, decorate every room in red and green, spend too much money on gifts and celebrate with an assortment of perfect family members and friends ?

Sometimes we are hanging on to memories of wonderful Christmases we had with our families when we were children, thinking about only the happy times and forgetting that not everything was quite as perfect as we remember. And, then, sometimes we are remembering Christmases that were far from perfect and trying to make up for the sadness that still lingers.

This Christmas, both of us are going to remember the love that is the true meaning of Christmas. Instead of looking forward to a perfect holiday, we’re going to look forward to many pleasant and peaceful moments with the people we love.

–Fayteen and Joy

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