Are you having trouble achieving your goals?

We talked about Goal Setting 101 in a previous blog—“How do you get from here to there?”  If you’re having trouble with basic goal setting, what do you do?

First, review the basics. Have you defined your goals? Written down measurable goals? Checked to see if you’re being realistic? Made sure you’re on track? Established priorities?

If you have and you’re still having problems, try taking these steps.


Start small. Making goals and achieving them is a skill you can master. Most likely, you’ve been making goals and achieving them for a long time. You made goals and achieved them when you got your homework done in time in schoold and made a good grade in a difficult class. You made goals and achieved them when you planned a party for a friend. You make goals and achieve them at home and at work all the time.

If you’re having a difficult time achieving a specific goal, such as losing weight or finding a new job, a good strategy is to begin with small  goals.  Begin your battle with those extra pounds by cutting out dessert or by writing down everything you eat for a day. If you want to change jobs, begin by revising your resume.

If you’re very busy, decide to spend 15 minutes a day working toward your goal. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish. If you’re so busy that you don’t have time to do one more thing even for 15 minutes, make a goal to DELETE something from your to-do list.

Do one thing at a time.

Don’t make 10 goals at once. Make one goal now, and stick to it a month. Then, make another goal. Consider how much you could accomplish if you make one small change every month.

You don’t have to save the world, and you don’t have to change your world immediately. Concentrate on making small changes. Your small changes will add up to major changes.


Have short-term and long-term goals.

Look at your road map. Where do you want to be in five years? In 10 years? When your children graduate from high school? When you retire?

Keep your long-term goals in mind today. Most of us achieve goals by taking small steps down a long path.

We’re not telling you anything new or anything earth-shattering. We’re just reminding you of some of the truths you already know—reaffirming for you that you can make changes and achieve your goals. We’re encouraging you to take action.


Be resolute.

If you’re going to succeed at achieving you goals, you have to be determined and persistent. Be resolute!

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