Sometimes the goal is just to get through it

We’ve been thinking about Ranna, Fayteen’s daughter, who is being treated for breast cancer.

Ranna has had some complications recently, and she had to spend several days in the hospital. She has had a tough time.

That’s why I couldn’t help picking up Shelley Lewis’s book Five Lessons I Didn’t Learn from Breast Cancer (And One Big One I Did) when I noticed it in the sale bin at Border’s recently.

As soon as I read the back cover, I bought it. “Society tells women that this experience can teach them profound lessons, transform them into wiser, more insightful people and maybe even give them a peek at the meaning of life,” the back cover says.

Five Lessons I Didn’t Learn from Breast Cancer is Shelley Lewis’s thoroughly modern, slightly contrarian take on “doing” breast cancer in an epiphany-free zone, where the goal is simply to get through it and get the hell back to your life.”

In her book, Lewis stresses that one thing she did learn was “how clueless I was about breast cancer when it was unwrapped from the soft pink packaging that had lulled me into thinking, ‘Well, okay, even if you do get it, it won’t be that bad. It’s so curable these days.'”

Of course, breast cancer is curable, and it’s not as bad as it used to be. But it’s still bad, very bad.

We are reminding Ranna that sometimes when something bad happens the best thing you can do is to simply get through it.

We will be so happy when Ranna has gotten through this and can continue with her life. We also will be much more understanding and supportive whenever someone else we know has breast cancer.


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