Lunch in Sanger, Texas

My daughter Mary Elizabeth and her partner Jesús just bought a house in Sanger, Texas, and already they’re good friends with GiGi at GiGi’s Cafe.

When we had lunch at the cafe recently while I was helping with the unpacking, I ordered the salmon salad with raspberry dressing. Gigi didn’t hesitate. “That salad won’t taste good with raspberry dressing,” she told me. “You should order the Greek dressing.”

I ordered the Greek dressing.

Mary Elizabeth ordered the Gigi burger without onions. “It won’t be a GiGi burger without onions,” Gigi announced firmly.

Mary Elizabeth stood her ground and ordered her burger without onions.

Before Jesús had a chance to order, GiGi looked at his white walking shoes. “I can tell you haven’t been helping with the move very much,” she told him, “your shoes are too white.”

We laughed, and Jesús explained quickly that he had been at a meeting at the University of North Texas campus all morning.