Cultivate your friendships

“A friend is a gift you give yourself,” Robert Louis Stevenson once said.

We talked in our last blog post about the importance of friendship. Sometimes, suddenly, you meet someone and make a connection. You know that you have a new friend. And, then, sometimes, you get to know a colleague at work or a neighbor, and a friendship grows.

No matter, friendships, old and new, take time and emotional energy and commitment. How do you make a new friend or maintain an old friendship?

We bet you already know the answer. But, here are some suggestions that have worked for us—some reminders of what you know already.

Join a group. Go to a church or to a book club or some other organization.

Take a class.

Explore your interests. If you’re interested in biking or art, you can find someone who shares your interests.

Renew an old friendship.

Make a conscious effort to turn an acquaintance into a friend.

Make friendship a priority. Find time for your friends.

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