Who’s neurotic about food?

I just read Lionel Shriver’s book Big Brother, the story of a sister who helps her obese brother lose weight. I also heard Shriver explain in an interview that she thinks all of us are neurotic about food.

I have been thinking more about food recently—ever since my doctor told me that I am pre-diabetic and referred me to a dietician.

“Are we all neurotic about food?” I asked my dietician.

“Neurotic” may be too strong a word, she answered. And, then, she explained that today, when we see so many ads for food, visit restaurants that serve enormous portions and are tempted by fast-food establishments, we all must monitor what we eat.

Her comment makes sense to me. Maybe many of us are neurotic about food, but it seems much more positive and healthier to try to avoid being neurotic and instead to think about the importance of monitoring what we eat.

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