A holiday reminder from Fayteen

I  remember holiday seasons when I was a single mother with two children. They were happy times when we unwrapped presents early in the morning and then ate a big Christmas dinner with my children, my parents, my brothers and their families.

But I remember, too, how I spent hours shopping for bargains because I was on a very limited budget, thought I had to invite everyone to my house for a Christmas feast and stayed up late cleaning and baking.

By January, I was tired and sick, and I usually spent at least four or five days in bed with the flu.

I know now that it wasn’t worth it. I know it would have been better to lower my expectations and take better care of myself.

Here’s my holiday advice to myself and to you, too.

Get plenty of sleep.

Eat a healthy diet—except for a few exceptions for holiday events.

Get some exercise.

Ask for help.

Lower your expectations just a notch or two.


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