Focus on what’s important

Fayteen is very busy now helping to take care of her daughter who is being treated for breast cancer and also trying to keep up with her real estate business.

She is a wise woman, and she knows that it’s most important to focus on taking care of her daughter and keeping up with her business.

But, still, she apologizes because she doesn’t have very much time to work on blog posts for The Resolute Woman.

I keep telling Fayteen that I understand. I want her to take care of Ranna, her business and herself now. I can take care of blog posts for a while.

Most of us play a number of roles. We have children, husbands and careers. We volunteer, help our friends and participate in all kinds of organizations and activities.

Most of the time we do a good job of keeping up with everything. Sometimes, though, when someone we love is ill or when we have young children or an elderly parent to take care of or when we have a big project at work, we need to give ourselves permission to narrow our focus. Sometimes we need to focus only on what’s most important.


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