Accepting life as it is

I have good news. My daughter who has been struggling with breast cancer and its complications for 1-1/2 years is now getting a series of new treatments.

We have hope that these treatments for two hours a day, five days a week for two months will be a turning point and that they will help her regain her health.

But, I must admit that, after two weeks of driving Ranna to the hospital every afternoon and waiting while she gets a treatment, I am tired. It is a struggle to keep up with my business when I can work only during the mornings and evenings.

What can I do?

One day recently, I came home from the hospital and went to bed. I admit that I was tired and depressed, but a little nap helped. I also took the time to think about the plan I already had made to get more help. Once I concentrated on my plan and realized that I can change my plan and get more help if I need it, I was able to accept life as it is today and to accept that, for both my husband and me, Ranna is our priority right now.

* I am concentrating on doing what I need to do today. I will not worry about what is going to happen in six months.

* I am realigning my other priorities. I will wait and do some important things after Ranna finishes her treatments.

* I am taking good care of myself and make sure I get plenty of sleep and eat healthy foods. I will take a nap or a break if I need it.

* I am getting help with my business and personal responsibilities.



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