Remember Aunt Ola?

Do you remember my husband Jerry’s Aunt Ola?

Last year, I wrote about her when she turned 104. Now, she’s 105!

When we visited Ola at her retirement community recently, we talked nonstop for two hours. Ola asked my daughter Mary Elizabeth about her graduate school classes, and she wanted to know about our son Jay, who couldn’t come with us, and Jerry’s two brothers.

At the end of our visit, she stood up and announced, “I’m going to walk you to the door.”

I remembered how far it is from her apartment door to the front of the retirement complex. “I am so happy that you’re still walking,” I told Ola.

“Oh, I do at least four loops around the complex every day,” she told us.

As we passed the doors of the other apartments, Ola pointed to one apartment. “One of my best friends lives there,” she said. “I have more friends here than I ever have had.”

Ola may be 105, but she’s still the amazing woman she was when I met her decades ago. During that visit, Jerry and I went to bed about midnight. Ola and Rose, Jerry’s mom, stayed up all night talking.

If there are secrets to growing old, I think Ola has found some important ones. Stay interested in life. Keep walking. And, have plenty of friends.


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One Response to “Remember Aunt Ola?”

  1. Mary Hunter September 19, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Ola is definitely a great woman!

    I wish we could all be in as good of health and spirit when we are as old as her.



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