Families and polite dinner conversations

In his play “Dividing the Estate,” Texas playwright Horton Foote captures the resentments and pettiness that frequently makes family dinners anything but polite and pleasant.

Bob: Well, Sister-in-Law, what a great meal. You’ve done it again.

Mary Jo: Sister-in-Law? Mildred cooked all this. Lucille can’t boil water.

Lucille: You’re crazy. I’m a good cook when I want to be.

Mary Jo: When did you ever want to be?

Finally, Son asks his fiancée: “Did you ever see a family like this?”

Unfortunately, too many of us have participated in family conversations full of resentments and pettiness. They’re filled with sharp weapons disguised as words.

Why is it always easier to see the resentments and pettiness in others when it’s much more difficult to notice our own resentments and pettiness? We’re going to resolve to treat our families with more kindness.

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